Jerry Miller visited Japan to display her artworks and creations.


At Festa the Jm booth wasn't that popular at first. The next Booth were really strong

and she was struggling to gain an audience.

Sunday afternoon alot of people had started to go home.

But Jm did not give up until the last final minutes!!


At 6pm suround it suddenly became noisy.

3 of Animation characters and another 5 people visited JM.


They were an internet broadcasting company called "Tokyo borderless TV interview crew"!

They could kindly visited JM to interview her!

Interviewer Ms.Mizuho Nakadaira told us later that she had already decided to interview JM after she looked around the whole show.

Thank you very much all member of "Tokyo Borderless TV" for interviewing JM!

JM's attempt was really successful!!


kamakura001a in kamakura

akoloyal47ronins in Sengakuji

JM could finally visit Sengakuji where 47 ronin's grave that she was really anxious to visit this for a long long time.

And she also visited kamakura and Tokyo sky tree which is about 500 metre tall tower for digital broadcasting and so on!


Jm finally met Blue SUBARU IMPREZZA which decorated JMD flavour beautifully!

But it is really unfortunate that the white JMD Lancer had crashed last weekend!

The day after the Design Festa JM was going to visit Mt Fuji but she couldn't because she overslept and missed the coach.


Takurou Horigome played E..Crapton tune for JM the last night she left Japan!

Takutrou is one of descendant legendary ancient Lord Horigome!

I could see tears in her eyes whilst he played!

She left Japan after 2 weeks. There were hot days just like a storm with Virgin atlantic air on 10th of November!

I am so sure we can see her soon!!

See you soon Jerry! Adios amigo!!


Message from JM

It was indeed so great to spend time with all japanese friends!

Everyone was so very kind and we felt very welcome, it has been such an experience!

I am still very tired from the long flight and England is very very cold and rainy.

But it was so nice to see all the JMD stuff too, and I hope that I can come back soon!

But I must be patient and carry on creating regardless of this.


Take good care (I miss you all already!)


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