We would like to invite the public's contribution.

We are in search for a tune called "The legend in 100 years later" or a tune that resembles Jerry Miller.

Anything is OK if the tune is good!

Prize is 5000 Us dollars.

The purpose of this is that JMD want to meet many talented person all over world.

So if the tune is right is of course the property of the original composer then we will ask you "We would like to use the tune by composer's courtesy."

So We hope to use the tune in our website or commercial message for long sentence, and you must promise us that you will use Jerry Miller's photo for CD jacket If you release the tune.


How to apply

Send your tepe, MD, CD to us or you may send the address after you upload inYoutube.Only unpublished tune applyable.


Expire date

is no date. Untill find a good tune.

We desparately want to meet next legends!!


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