"JM come back to Japan!"project


This project has been wished to happen strongly by many people since JM left Japan and returned to England.

Here are the propositions!


For example

One company offer JM about 40000yen each.

It will be fee for her flight, accomodation, food and so on.


JM will visit the company at least more than 3 times and help the company's promotions or whatever is required!

She will be uploaded to weblogs, dine with stuffs, and If there is same age young girls in family she can stay in the house with too.

We believe this project will bring many many both merits!

We may call it

JM Festa 2011 Spring

JM Festa 2011 Summer

JM Festa 2011 Auturn

JM Festa 2011 Winter

may be 4 times annually!(^^;)


If you are interested in this project , please contact Jerry Miller English or Japanese - any language is acceptable!


JM supporter's privilege


we would like to present you 2 Posters and 4 kinds of postcards


and 180X45cm banner which your favorable,too!


We will see her with this smile again!!


Check out the latest information here!

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